Job Hunterder jonno ‘Arthosuchak’ er poralakha

Job Hunterder jonno ‘Arthosuchak’ er poralakha: English

1) Many people died …….. the country in 1971.

a) for  b) of  c) by  d) from

2) Plebiscite is related to……

a) medicine  b) technology  c) law  d) politics

3) I wish, I…… a king.

a) was  b) am  c) is  d) were

4) Have you finished your homework……..?

a) yet  b) already  c) still  d) just

5) Synonym of ‘VILIFY’

a) Defame  b) Ameliorate  c) Honor  d) Perturb

Answer:- 1) a  2) d  3) d  4) a  5) a

অর্থসূচকের সাথে থাকতে Like করুন অর্থসূচকের ফেসবুক পেইজে।